The attorneys at LGE have worked on some of the largest personal injury cases in the last two decades, involving thousands of plaintiffs, and pay-outs of several hundreds of millions of dollars.
LGE aggressively fights for maximum and speedy compensation
for those injured by the following types of negligence:
  • Medical malpractice (obstetrical negligence, failure to diagnose, surgical negligence, etc.)
  • Products Liability (defective machinery, defective drugs, defective household products, etc.)
  • Auto accidents (including No-Fault claims.)
  • Premises Liability (claims against hotels, stores, restaurants, etc.)
  • Work accidents (construction accidents, injuries caused by defective work machinery, dangerous conditions, etc.)
  • Slip and fall (sidewalk falls, falls in stores, falls in restaurants, falls at work, etc.)
Gerry Grunsfeld
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