About LGE

The LGE Difference

The majority of our cases come through word of mouth referrals. We believe that our clients have bestowed a significant honor and privilege upon our law firm by asking us to represent them. With this honor and privilege, comes solemn responsibility. We keep our clients informed as to the progress of their case, every step of the way. If our clients are able to contribute ideas and information to help progress their cases, we welcome their input.

Resolving our Clients’ Cases as Quickly as Possible

For many of our clients, the accident that led to litigation changes their life, in some instances, permanently. We strive to resolve our clients’ cases as quickly as possible so that we can bring them the closure and compensation they deserve and need, to help them rebuild their lives.  We are acutely aware that while the Firm handles hundreds of cases, for most clients, their case is the only one they have. For this reason, each case is fast-tracked so that it is resolved as very quickly and successfully as possible. We do not allow cases to languish due to our opponent’s failure to treat each and every one of our cases with the utmost seriousness and urgency.